Stelton Brus Carbonator / Black Metallic


A design-forward water carbonator for making sparkling water and soda at home. It is easy to use, and compatible with any standard 60-litre CO2 cartridge.

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Product Details

The Stelton Brus Carbonator is more than just a beautiful display for your countertop. The stainless steel body is robust, durable, and compact – unlike many competitors, the top stays flat instead of moving up and down when securing the bottle. A Stelton Brus Bottle is included with purchase, and can be used for up to two years; additional bottles are available for purchase here. To use, insert filled water bottle into the carbonator, then turn the top knob clockwise for a few seconds. (Three seconds is recommended – the longer you hold, the more bubbly the water.) Turn the knob anti-clockwise, just a little past the starting point, to release excess pressure, then return the knob to normal and release the bottle. The Stelton Brus Carbonator is compatible with all standard 60-litre CO2 cylinders. (These are not included with purchase, but widely available in large supermarkets, hardware stores, and online retailers. Note: Not compatible with gas cartridges in Australia and New Zealand.) To place cartridge inside the Stelton Brus Carbonator, simply flip the machine over and insert it into the hole at the base. 

Why we love it

'Besides helping you cut back on single use plastic, having an at-home carbonator makes it easy to enliven cocktails, or flavour sparkling water with fruit or syrup, anytime you want. What makes the Stelton Brus exceptional is that it integrates beautifully into any countertop, thanks to functional, timeless Danish design with soft edges (not unlike bubbles).'

Specifications & Care

  • Compatible with all standard 60-litre CO2 gas cylinders, such as SodaStream
  • Gas cylinders must to be replaced every 4-8 weeks depending on frequency of use
Dimensions W 11.5cm X H 42cm X D 22cm
Material PET, ABS plastic, stainless steel
Warranty 2 years
Weight 1.6kg

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