Swan Red Wine Decanter


A lead-free crystal glass swan neck decanter for aerating and serving wine.

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Product Details

This elegant swan neck–style decanter, also called a U-shaped decanter, is made by Rona, makers of fine glassware since 1892. Handmade and mouth-blown in Slovakia, the crystal glass body is smooth and completely lead-free. Wine must be poured into the wide spout and out of the narrow spout, which has a precisely curved edge to minimise the risk of dripping. The benefit of this shape, besides being a striking table piece, is that it's comfortable to grip as you pour. It also allows for neater pouring, as the weight of the wine is more distributed and restrained. 

Why we love it

'Using a decanter has two benefits: It allows the wine to have more contact with oxygen after being locked away in a bottle (to 'breathe'), which is especially beneficial for old or tannic red wines. It also separates wine from the sediment collected at the bottom of a bottle.'

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