Vitamix Ascent A3500i / Brushed Stainless Steel

Top of the range heavy duty Vitamix blender
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Product Details

The Vitamix A3500 is the latest top of the range offering from Vitamix and continues their tradition of producing the finest and most versatile heavy duty blenders. Featuring a 2.2 horsepower motor, laser cut hardened steel blades (which don’t dull when you blend ice), a built-in timer and variable speed control you really do have control and can fine-tune recipes.

The primary distinguishing feature of the A3500i, as opposed to the A2300i, is that this top of the range model features 5 pre-programmed settings. With these, you can trust your Vitamix to perfectly blend smoothies, hot soups, purees and frozen desserts, as well as featuring a self-cleaning function. You can walk away in the knowledge that the Vitamix will run its programmed course and switch itself off when it’s done, removing the guesswork from recipes.

This model has the ability to detect the size of the container and adjusts the blending times and speed for that specific container. The metal drive system securely joins the container and motor base for maximum durability. Comes with a 2L container and a recipe book with step-by-step directions. Additional containers sold separately.

Why we love it

  • 10 speed settings
  • Built in digital timer
  • Pulse setting
  • Pre-programmable settings for making hot soups, smoothies, purees and frozen desserts.
  • Self-clean function
About The Brand


Vitamix is a fourth-generation, family-owned company that, from its very beginnings in the 1930s, was centred on making healthy eating quick and easy. They were the first company to sell a blender powerful enough to make hot soup, blend ice cream, grind grain, and knead bread dough. The brand pays attention into every detail of their machines, such as perfecting airflow circulation around the motor. This ensures a durable, quieter, more reliable motor that will serve you for several years.

We believe in their machines for the same reason that professional chefs do—they make life easier. Whether you want to utilise some of the advanced techniques these blenders have to make your own non-dairy milks or nut butters, or you simply want to make a Friday afternoon margarita, your Vitamix can handle it like a pro.

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