Wusthof Combination Whetstone / 1000 / 3000


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Product Details

This Wusthof Combination Whetstone offers exceptional sharpening performance. One side has a coarse grit (J1000) for removing small nicks and sharpening blunt knives. The other side has a fine grit (J3000) for honing and for normal edge maintenance. Submerge the whetstone in water for 10-15 minutes. When you will no longer see air bubbles floating to the top of the water, the stone is ready to use.

We recommend this whetstone for all professional quality straight edge knives. Knives sharpened with a whetstone will last longer than with a pull-through sharpener. A whetstone can also sharpen a large variety of knives and tools - for example, pocket knives, scissors, blades of a food processor, etc.

  • Material: Ceramic composite
  • Dimensions: L 20cm x W 6cm x H 3cm
  • Grit strength: Japanese grade - 1000 / 300 (European grade - 400 / 1000)
  • Recommended for all professional straight edge knives; not to be used on serrated edges

To Use:
  • Soak in water for approximately 10-15 minutes before using
  • Place the stone on a slip-resistant base, such as a damp towel
  • Begin with the coarse grit of the stone and move the blade back and forth (away from and towards the body) at an angle of 15 - 20° across the entire stone, using light pressure
  • Continue to apply water to the stone whilst sharpening which will combine with small particles released from the stone to form an abrasive substance; this allows the sharpening to take place
  • Turn the knife and work on the other side of the blade
  • Repeat this process several times as necessary always maintaining the same angle
  • Now turn the whetstone to the fine grit side (wipe the edge of the blade with a damp cloth when moving from one grit side to the other to avoid transfer of particles) and run the blade along the full length of the stone a couple of times on each side of blade to finish and polish the edge
  • Rinse carefully in hot water both the whetstone and the knife to remove residue; dry knife thoroughly before storing away

Why we love it

  • Best method for sharpening your knives
  • One side for sharpening and one side for finishing
  • Ideal for Wusthof or any other straight edge knives
About The Brand


For over 200 hundred years, the Wusthof has manufactured their knives in Solingen, Germany, known as the ‘City of Blades’. What started as a metalsmith making scissors in a cellar during the Napoleonic Wars is now an internationally recognized name for high-quality European blades. The company, which is still family-owned, produces no less than 1200 knives and kitchen accessories that vary in style and price range, but are consistent in high quality.

We love that they employ the most up-to-date procedures throughout the entire production process, consisting of:

  • Measuring the blades before sharpening using lasers
  • Calculating via computers the precise sharpening angle for each blade
  • Sharpening the blades on a whetstone using precision robots
  • Special final polishing of all blades using a special disc

If strict quality standards are not achieved, the knife is not approved for sale. That’s why Wusthof’s trident logo symbolises their three core values of passion, diligence, and perfection.

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