Wusthof Gourmet Cleaver / 16cm

A durable and robust meat cleaver for splitting bones and larger cuts of meat, as well as hard-skinned fruits like coconuts and pineapples.
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Product Details


Wusthof knives have been manufactured in the city of Solingen, Germany since 1814, and are recognised around the world for superior craftsmanship. This cleaver from their Gourmet range has been laser cut for precision, with a final buff by hand, to be sharp and strong enough to cut ingredients that demand a lot of strength and sturdiness from a knife, like ribs, racks, bones and hard-skinned fruits like coconuts, pineapples, and watermelons. It features a full tang for blade-to-handle balance, and a secure, riveted handle.

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Why we love it

‘Western-style knives are designed to be heavier than Japanese knives because the weight of a blade does a lot of the work, especially when cutting tough foods like swedes or lamb shanks. What Wusthof has mastered is balancing that weight between the blade and handle so you feel more in control when you chop.’ –Justin

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