Borough Kitchen Chopping Board Set of 4 / Brown


This set of our exclusive chopping boards, made in Holland from recycled wood fibre, is built to absorb millions of knife cuts without blunting blades or leaving deep grooves. Smooth surfaces make cleaning a breeze—yes, in the dishwasher too. 

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Product Details

Made in Holland from recycled wood fibre, our Borough Kitchen Chopping Board is designed to withstand a lifetime of daily use. The smooth, non-porous surface allows for resistance to deep knife grooves, where bacteria and odours can flourish, as well as ease of cleaning. It also makes the board very easy to clean, by hand or in the dishwasher. They are kind to knife blades, stretching the amount of time needed between sharpening sessions. Since the material is heat safe up to 176C, you can place hot pans on the surface when needed. They are exclusive to Borough Kitchen. Set of 4.

Why we love it

'I use this chopping board as much as I use a knife, and even after many years, I always think "wow that's good", every time I use it. The ease and functionality are exceptional.'

Specifications & Care

  • Dishwasher safe
  • Heat resistant to 167˚C
Country of Origin Netherlands
  • L 20cm X W 15cm X H 0.6cm
  • L 30cm X W 20cm X H 0.6cm
  • L 38cm X W 28cm X H 0.6cm
  • L 53cm X W 32cm X H 0.6cm
Material Richlite resin-infused paper
Warranty Lifetime
  • 20X25cm: 220g
  • 30X 20cm: 460g
  • 38X28cm: 920g
  • 53X32cm: 1.49kg
About The Brand

Borough Kitchen

We’ve tested hundreds, if not thousands, of kitchen tools, and that’s made us hyper-attuned to details. It’s those details we consider in our own range of products, be it British-made wooden carving boards or high-absorbency tea towels. 

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