Foundations of Thai Cooking Cooking Class


Gain a foundational understanding of Thai cuisine—while cooking three popular dishes—at our London cookery school in Islington, Hampstead or Chiswick. 

Product Details

Learn how to master the art of making perfect Thai curry paste from scratch and gain an in-depth understanding of the key Thai ingredients and their usage; like fish sauce, kaffir lime leaf, tamarind puree, shrimp paste, and more. The class starts with some knife skills, before taking you through various cooking methods and seasoning tricks to improve flavour.

During the class you will make:

  • Thai green prawn curry with Jasmine Rice
  • Whole baked seabass
  • Crunchy salad with satay sauce

Age Restriction: 16+

Main Allergen(s): Shrimp paste, peanuts, shellfish

This class is suitable for pescatarian, gluten- and dairy-free diets.

Why we love it

'I had all these Thai ingredients left over from a recipe I made a while ago, and after this class I finally used them all up (and replenished my supply immediately).'

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