HORL Kagami Ultra Fine


An ultra-fine whetstone that is interchangeable with the existing discs on the HORL 2 and HORL 2 Pro knife sharpeners to achieve ultimate sharpness.

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Product Details

An interchangeable disc that affixes to the roller of HORL 2 or HORL 2 Pro knife sharpeners (not the HORL 2 Cruise), this Ultra Fine whetstone disc is only after using the Premium Sharpening Kit, providing an end‬ result three times finer than using the Premium Sharpening Kit alone.‬

Use it dry for 5 minutes on each side of the blade. Then, lightly dampen the stone with a few drops of water and use it for 1 minute on‬ each side of the blade to finish.‬ Its compact size, compared to a high-grit whetstone, makes it easy to store.

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Why we love it

 'The HORL 2 is quick, neat, and effective. While whetstones take time and practice to master, the HORL 2 does not. It’s like having the ease, speed and definition of a pull-through sharpener, but the versatility and relative gentleness of a whetstone.'

Specifications & Care

Country of Origin Germany
Dimensions Diameter 6.3cm X H 2.5cm
Material Stainless steel, whetstone
Weight 100g
About The Brand


Timo and Otmar Horl, the father-and-son duo behind HORL 1993 had a singular vision: bring professional standards of knife sharpening to the home cook, simplified. What began at a home cellar is now a fully-staffed workshop in Germany’s Black Forest where every aspect of the manufacturing process is done locally, from steel melding to laser engraving.

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