Salter Instant Read Digital Meat Thermometer *

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Product Details

Whether you are preparing a BBQ or baking a cake, the digital thermometer will help to check that the dish is cooked to perfection. This thermometer, with its intuitive instant read results, is the quickest way to check. Super precise 0.1℃ graduations, and with a hard wearing stainless steel probe and a large, easy to read display, you will find this handy little gadget extremely useful to have to hand.

To use: press the button on top of the thermometer to switch on. Gently insert the tip of the probe into the centre. The LCD will show the current temperature at the end of the probe. Always clean between each use. To maximise the life of the battery, press the q button after use to switch off. Auto switch off occurs 45 mins after idle.

Why we love it

  • Perfect for baking, on the BBQ, when making confectionery and while jam making.
  • Easy to use and read
  • Accurate to within 0.1℃

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