Steak Knowledge Cooking Class


Learn how to master eight different cuts of steak at our London cookery school in Islington, Hampstead or Chiswick.

Product Details

This class will enable you to select your ideal cut at the butchers and cook it with confidence and knowledge. You will learn:

  • 8 key steak cuts
  • How to pan-sear effectively, with information on how to get the best results from ovens and BBQs too
  • How to season and marinate
  • How to cook rare, medium rare, medium and well done steaks based on time, touch or temperature
  • How to prepare sauces from scratch, including chilled (Wasabi-Ginger Butter), pan (red-wine reduction) and fresh (chimichurri)

At the end of the class, we will slice all the steaks (fillet, ribeye, onglet, featherblade, t-bone, rump, sirloin, and bavette) so you can sample the various cuts. We will serve it with the condiments you have prepared, roasted potato wedges and salad.

Age Restriction: 16+

Main Allergen(s): Mustard, dairy

We can make this class suitable for gluten-free and dairy-free diets.

Why we love it

'Preparing a steak is a special (and expensive) activity, so you want to go into it equipped with the knowledge to make your food stand out.' 

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