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De Buyer was established in 1830 and is based in the Vosges, France. The company is recognised the world over as a leading brand in professional and domestic cookware. Each frying pan, saucepan or utensil is formed using traditional methods and then are hand-polished to guarantee a perfect finish. We carry a wide range of their carbon steel frying pans, copper and stainless cookware and speciality items.

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Mineral B Carbon Steel & Carbon Plus

These robust iron pans are a chef’s best friend. Once it reaches temperatures above 140°C, a carbon steel frying pan sears food on the surface causing a crust to form and prevent tasty juices from escaping. The food browns and is crispy on the surface, tender and juicy in the middle. This kind of frying is perfect for frying meat and obtaining crispy crepes or heavenly omelettes. The pans from the Mineral B line are completely coated with natural beeswax to prevent oxidation prior to purchase. For both Mineral B and Carbon Plus the pan must be 'seasoned' with vegetable or rapeseed oil before its first use. Details are included with your pan.

The pans are very easy to clean if done so immediately after use with warm water and a sponge and absolutely no detergent. Carbon steel pans should never be put in the dishwasher. If the pan has not been used for awhile, small rust spots can occur, but they will not affect the performance of the pan. Rust spots are easily removed with a scouring pad.

De Buyer Inocuivre Copper Cookware

The items in this range are composed of 90% copper and 10% stainless steel. Copper heats evenly and quickly: not only on the bottom but also on the sides. The stainless steel interior is durable and very easy to clean. Riveted long handles and side handles are in cast iron and designed to be ergonomically comfortable. We are also proud to carry a 5-piece set which is exclusive to Borough Kitchen. These pots and pans are to be hand washed and to prevent copper from dulling, we recommend that you use a copper cleaner from time-to-time. Inocuivre cooking is suitable for all hobs, except induction and is oven-safe.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is De Buyer Mineral B?

Mineral B pans are coated with beeswax to protect them from oxidation during shipping and storage. This protection also assists with the seasoning and improves the non-stick properties of the pan. The beeswax coating will disappear when the pan is washed previous to its first use. As the entire pan is protected with this coating, it is important to carefully remove all of the beeswax to avoid staining your cooktop.


Do carbon steel pan handles get hot?

As the handles are made of iron, they eventually get hot during cooking. We advise using de Buyer neoprene handle protectors especially designed for iron handles.


How do I season a De Buyer carbon steel pan?

Pour about 1mm of oil into your pan— just enough to coat the bottom— and heat it until the oil slightly smokes; discard the oil and wipe with a paper towel.

The more your pan is used, the better the cooking results are. The more it blackens, the less it sticks. The seasoning of your pan will be optimal and efficient after having cooked red meat about 10 times. Once your pan is well seasoned, you will be able to cook more delicate food such as eggs or fish.

The blackening of an iron pan is a natural development and indicates it is seasoning. Therefore, it is important you do not use detergent to clean your pan which will strip it of the seasoning. When cooking, as your iron pan heats up and sterilises (between 62°C/144°F and 88°C/190°F) you eliminate any possible bacteria.

This video shows just how easy it is to season and cook with a carbon steel pan:


A rainbow mark appears on the bottom of my iron pan. Is this normal?

Over the first few times that you use your carbon steel pan it will continuously change colour due to the natural impact of heat on iron. The pan will first turn blue, then brown and finally will end up blackening. This colouration will gradually grow from the centre until it envelops the whole pan.

How do I clean a De Buyer carbon steel pan?

As the video above shows, once the food is cooked you can deglaze the pan by pouring some wine or water to remove browned bits. This step will enable you to easily make a delicious sauce. Alternatively, pour hot water into the pan and swirl, scrape bits loose and discard; clean with warm water. If residues remain, you can use an abrasive sponge. Dry the pan immediately and slightly oil it to avoid rust. Store in a dry place.

Never clean your iron pan in a dishwasher or with detergent products as they will damage your pan and its seasoning. Never soak your pan or let it dry on a counter as it may rust.


Rust marks appear on my iron pan. What should I do?

We advise scrubbing your pan with an abrasive sponge, some washing up liquid and warm water. Once the rust is removed, proceed to season your pan again. To avoid oxidation, we recommend you slightly oil the surfaces of your iron pan with a paper towel after each use and store in a dry place.


Is De Buyer oven safe?

The Inocuivre Copper Cookware is oven safe. With Mineral B, pans are equipped with iron handles coated with an epoxy finish. Therefore, you can only flash in the oven (10 minutes at 200°C maximum) as extended exposure to heat may damage the coating. For any longer cooking in an oven, we recommend you use cookware with aluminium or stainless steel handles.