Ullo Wine Purifier

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Product Details

The Ullo Wine Purifier is an innovative new product, designed by inventor by James Kornacka, a Doctorate in Chemistry from Northwestern University. Ullo is a Chicago startup with a simple mission; to bring wine back to its natural state without artificial sulphites that are added as a preservative.

Sulphite is an essential ingredient in winemaking as it preserves the wine enabling it to make it from the vineyard to the wine glass, but unfortunately, some people have an adverse reaction to it. Ullo uses a unique filtering system to bring the wine back to its original state. Whilst sulphites do occur naturally in all wine, some manufacturers add up to 100 times more to each bottle! They can impact the taste, and some people attribute them to worsened hangovers the next morning. The name Ullo is derived from the alchemy symbol for purifying, and is pronounced “oo-low”.

Why we love it

  • Three easy to clean and use pieces, constructed from either food grade silicone or BPA free plastic
  • Comes complete with filters
  • Removes the vast majority of added sulphites

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