If your dad loves to cook—or make a Bond-worthy martini, or has a coffee ritual down pat—there’s a 200% chance we have the perfect gift. Every item we selected, in a range of price points, has a nice detail you can share with dad as he unwraps his present.

1. Finex Cast Iron Lean Grill Pan

This American-made cast iron grill pan comes triple-seasoned, kickstarting the pan’s process of becoming easy-release (read how to season a pan here). We love that it fits over two burners, for cooking eight burgers, four steaks, and so much more at once—on the barbecue during the summer and over the hob in the winter. Justin likes to use it to make his famous Big Green Egg Côte de Boeuf during non-barbecue weather, by first searing the meat over high heat on both sides in the pan, then transferring the pan into an oven set to a low heat to keep it warm for 30 minutes. Then he rests it in foil for another 10 minutes, carves, and serves it on the grill pan, so the residual heat keeps the meat warm. (Finex’s high-quality cast iron is excellent at retaining heat.) £154; shop here.

2. HORL 2 Sharpener

Founded and run by a father-son duo, there’s nothing quite like the HORL 2 Sharpener. This cleverly designed knife sharpener combines the gentleness of a whetstone with the speed and precision of an angled pull-through sharpener, making anyone who uses it (including dad) feel like a knife sharpening expert straight out of the box. Yes, you can use it on Japanese *and* Western knives, as well as buy attachments for that ultra-fine edge. Last week, Tony Turnbull of The Times put it on his list of ‘16 essential gadgets the food editor can’t do without’. We’re fans of the dark walnut colour, but it also comes in oak (here). £139.00; shop here.

3. Richard Brendon Double Old Fashioned Glass / Fluted

We know, we know—a whiskey-related gift for dad isn’t particularly novel. But that’s because it’s a classic formula for success, and these glasses from Richard Brendon’s art deco–inspired Fluted range are as classic as it gets. If dad loves to golf *and* appreciates a good Scotch, you’re in luck. These glasses are used at the bar of Scotland’s famous Gleneagles Hotel. Add some of BK’s own spherical ice cubes, designed to melt slowly, for that special flourish. £98.00; shop here.

4. Peugeot Mathus Two Prong Corkscrew

Imagine dad’s been waiting years for the perfect moment to open a special bottle of wine, one that may even be older than you. But if he’s not careful with his corkscrew, the cork—which has become brittle with age—could disintegrate and fall straight into the wine itself. He can avoid this all-too-common scenario with this vintage-style corkscrew, which supports the side of the cork during its lift. He can use it for any wine bottle, not just the special ones. £25; shop here.

5. Espro P7 Cafetiere / Brushed Stainless Steel

There’s cafetière, and there’s Espro. This sleek, modern French Press comes with a unique double filter that a) ensures grit- and slide-free coffee, and b) has a silicone seal around it to prevent coffee from over-extracting and becoming bitter. The small one is great for the office and the larger one is great for making coffee for the whole family. We loved the brushed stainless steel finish because it is fingerprint-proof. From £105.00; shop here.

6. Netherton Foundry Loaf Tin

Made in Shropshire from British spun iron, this heavy-duty loaf tin will give any bread baked in it a wonderfully crisp, browned exterior all over the loaf, whether that’s his famous homemade Pullman or a GBBO-worthy chocolate babka. If dad’s barbecue can bake bread, like the Big Green Egg or DeliVita oven with the door attachment, he can use it there too. From £31.00; shop here.

7. Laguiole 4 Piece Steak Knife Set with Olivewood Handles

The best steak knives are, contrary to popular belief, *not* serrated. A fine and slightly curved blade, like the one on every knife in this 4-piece set, will cut through meat without tearing it. The olivewood handles make it beautiful to have on hand for entertaining. £119.00; shop here.

8. Elia Magnum Wine Decanter

If dad’s famous for his dinner parties, this decanter will add dynamism to his table setting. Made of fine crystal, it can hold a magnum or two bottles of wine, it’s just as good for single bottles of wine, as the added width gives it more room to breathe—especially important for older reds. £64.00; shop here.

9. Noyer Walnut Carving Board

Made in Denmark, this spacious walnut carving board has a distinctive asymmetrical shape. It is highly resistant to scratching, which makes it age beautifully. The grooved side is perfect for carving meat, which catches all the juices, and the reverse side makes for a beautiful way to serve dishes tableside. Picture dad using it at Christmas dinner this year, and many more to come. £109.00; shop here.

10. John Julian Mortar & Pestle

This mortar and pestle is an icon of British design. Made in Wiltshire from Cornwall clay, founder Julian Sainsbury, a former sculptor, made the prototype for his then-girlfriend, a chef, and from there on John Julian was born. He worked with granite stone masons in India to learn ancient techniques, before creating his homespun version of it with porcelain to keep production in the UK. The large 23cm version, with a high-walled base, is perfect for making pesto, guacamole, chimichurri, and other sauces and pastes dad loves to serve with his meals. £185.00; shop here.